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Out in your garden, you have to check if there are dead woods. Look for rotting branches especially those that are covered by leaves. Another preventive measure is to check the different woodpiles in your outdoors as this area may have scraps of dead wood that can serve as the homes of the carpenter ants.

To prevent many of the viral infections, make sure your cat is up to date with all vaccinations. If you have used the same vet since your cat was a kitten, he will have a record there.

Let's now come to cats. Cats love to sleep in warm conditions, yet many problems such as heat stroke, dehydration, sunburn, fleas and ticks are common in our furry friends during summertime. White cats, cats with white noses and/or ears, and cats that are bald are at the greatest risk of getting sunburned. If you notice any kind of reddish spots or loss of hair along the margins of the ear and itching then contact your vet and ask him for a recommendation of a non-toxic sunscreen. Visit your vet and get a flea and tick removal product for your cat.

When you have a pet, you know how much hard work goes into keeping it healthy and happy. Regular feedings, walks, and playtime are necessary, in addition to having a nice place to live. Well there is another aspect of a pet's life that needs to be attended to, and that involves bodily cleanliness. If you don't clean your pet, the house will smell. The possibility of fleas could also arise. There are also other body parts that need to be cared for. The clipping of nails is particularly important. Perhaps you don't have the time or don't know how to properly keep your pal properly groomed. A dog grooming service can perform all these tasks and more for the lowest prices.

This may sound too obvious, but the best way to prevent your dog from flea infestation is cleaning and grooming your dog regularly. If your dog isn't infested with these tiny creatures yet, you should give your dog regular baths with flea repellent shampoo.

The first step towards treating flea infestation in dogs is to identify its symptoms. Any of the above mentioned symptoms demand immediate diagnosis. After all, you cannot be lax about your pet's health! Dog fleas can be treated in various ways. One of the basic things to do is to vacuum your house thoroughly. This will prevent flea growth at home. Keep your carpet and furniture clean - these areas are highly prone to infestation. Make sure to bathe your dog on a regular basis. An unkempt dog is likely to invite a flea attack.

Any kind of citrus fruit is the best flea killer. Just cut a lemon or orange in half and then rub it all over the pet's body. Usually pets do not have irritation with these fruits, however make sure that there are no open wounds as otherwise, the pet will have a burning sensation applying lemon or any other citrus fruit juice.

Mosquitos - They bite dogs just like they do humans, and they carry heartworms and West Nile Virus. Most flea dogs repellents are also effective against mosquitos.

Anaplasmosis is yet another serious tick borne disease and this time the infective agents target either the white blood cells or the platelets. This disease causes muscular pain, fever, general malaise, coughing, and diarrhea. Doxycycline is the medicine of choice to cure the dog.